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Indian Polity for Civil Services Examination by Laxmikanth

Summary of the Book

Indian Polity for Civil Services Examination is custom made for civil service aspirants and provide them which precise and concise data which is relevant for them to know the subject: Indian Polity optimally and adequately. The book consists of 11 parts and about 71 chapters. This is evidence enough to prove that the author has not left any topic which is important to be covered from the examination point of view. The book aims at explaining the student all about Indian Polity right from the first part which deals with the historical background behind the making of the Constitution, its salient features, the preamble, the most important and relevant concepts of Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and Directive Principles of State Policies and the Basic Structure of the Constitution.

Part 2 of the book describes the various governmental systems prescribed by the Constitution including the Parliamentary System, the Federal System, the Centre- State Relations, the Inter- State relations and the Emergency Provisions. Part 3 explains the powers and functions of the President, The Prime Minister, the Vice President, the Central Council of Ministers, the Cabinet Committees and the Parliament. Part 4 of the book deals with the special status given to the state of Jammu and Kashmir and special provisions for some other states.

The remaining parts of the book deal with topics like Panchayati Raj system, Union Territories and Special Areas, Constitutional Bodies like the Election Commission, the Union Public Service Commission, specific National Commissions and other Non- Constitutional Bodies like the Planning Commission, the National Human Rights Commission, the Central Vigilance Commission etc, the Other Constitutional Dimensions which include the Co-operative Societies, Official Language, Public Services, Tribunals and Rights and Liabilities of the Government. The book ends with the Part 11 which talks about the National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution.

About the Author

Indian Polity for Civil Services Examination has been written by M. Laxmikanth, an author known for writing competitive examination specific books. He also provides for IAS Aspirants at his coaching center, Laxmikanth’s IAS, Hyderabad. Indian Polity is a result of his vast research on the topic and he has, apart from this book written several other books which include Governance in India for USC Preliminary Examination and Public Administration. All these books are best-selling books amongst IAS aspirants.Laxmikanth is an alumni of Osmania University where he completed his master’s degree in the year 1989.

Positives about the Book

Indian Polity is a comprehensive book which covers all of the topics relating to Indian Polity in a well-researched manner. There is hardly any topic or area which is not dealt with, in the book. It is a must read for all aspirants of civil service examinations and the book is also helpful for students of political science in undergraduate courses. The structuring of the book is very methodical and comprehensive. It contains all relevant information and if one goes through it properly, there will hardly be any need for using any other reference book. Indian Polity is the standard book for political science preparation as it related the institutions of the government prescribed in the Constitution along with the relevant articles quoted from the Constitution itself. It has been highly praised by the student community all along right from the start when the very first edition came out.

Things that could have been better in the book

There is hardly any criticism available for this book which in itself speaks highly of the content written therein. M. Laxmikanth is considered to be an authority on the relevant subjects he deals with and Indian Polity is regarded to be one of his best works.

Reasons for buying the Book

One should definitely buy this book if he seeks to gain a full knowledge regarding the Indian political setup. This book is the one go to for beginners and scholars alike for getting the basic idea regarding the topic. There is nothing that can be subjected to objections since the book is based purely on facts and facts alone. One reading of the book will tell you how much of scholarly research has gone into the structuring and formulation of the book.

About the Publishers of the Book

Indian Polity by M. Laxmikanth was first published by McGraw-Hill Education in the year   2013. Since then, five revised and updated editions have been published of the book. The students of political science will forever be grateful to this publication house for bringing in the up gradation of the book as and when the need arose. McGraw-Hill Education books are known for being well polished and scholarly written and are preferred by students who chose to perform par excellence. Other books published by McGraw-Hill Education include Indian History, General Studies for civil services preliminary examination and Indian Economy for Civil services examination by Ramesh Singh. They publish other books on science and technology, History, Computer Technology etc.

Special Note to IAS aspirants

First and the foremost, the book keeps getting revised and updated every year in accordance with the changes taking the place of the preceding year and thus it is important for the student to buy the latest edition of the book whenever he buys it. The latest edition is the 5th edition. The book is beneficial for students preparing for CSAT, Civil Services Mains and Civil Services Prelims Examination. The more descriptive book dealing with few of the topics of this book is D.D.Basu but one must go to that book only after he reads and fully understands Indian Polity by M. Laxmikanth. The reason behind that is that D.D. Basu is a more specialized book on the constitution which a law student might find easier to comprehend but for students without a legal background, Indian Polity will provide a comprehensive database to move forth with. At the end of the book, many papers from prelims and mains examinations are provided in the appendices which must be attempted for a good practice.

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