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Globalization of business models has brought in a new dimension to the HR or human resources management and has boosted the demand for candidates with MBA in HR (MBA in Human Resource Management). The multicultural workforces pose huge challenges to HR professionals, who in turn require special skill sets in order to overcome those challenges and make cross-border communication and merging possible. Only an MBA can prepare you with specialized skill sets and in-depth knowledge of all nuances of businesses and gracefully blend with the transforming work culture. MBA in HR (MBA in Human Resource Management) helps you to progress on the corporate ladder, better your income and meet the high demands of the industry.

What are Human Resources?

Before you understand about MBA in HR (MBA in Human Resource Management), it is essential for you to have a fair knowledge of what HR is. Human Resource refers to the person or workforce within a company or organization, who is responsible for various tasks that support the objectives and goals of the organization. Some of the tasks include project induction, orientation, recruitment, assessment and appraisal of employees, managing benefits, and compensations, labor maintenance, health and safety of employees, etc. In simple terms, it can be a comprehensive term that denotes the functions to assist organizations to deliver high value through its contractors, employees, as well as agency staff.

Why MBA in HR?

There is a huge competition in every industry, which has set high goals and objectives for various companies. Hence companies look for competitive employees with high skills and vast knowledge in all fields of requirements relevant to their field. Completing an MBA in HR (MBA in Human Resource Management) gives you an edge to take up leadership roles in reputed companies and probably a career hike if you are already working. In addition to these benefits, you are bound to enjoy high remuneration and facilities. Even working people opt to complete their MBA as a part-time or online option to climb up the career ladder. Though you might be well versed in HR, acquiring an MBA equips you to extreme leadership qualities with all essential leadership skills such as decision-making, communication, and more.

Course Overview

MBA in Human Resources is the postgraduate degree course, which prepares you to excel in the business world with an emphasis over HR. The course typically includes advanced level reports, assignments, internships, presentations, group projects, and more. You might choose to take the course on a full-time basis, which lasts for 2 years or a part-time basis or just choose to visit an evening college. There are accelerated courses that complete in 1 year or choose to pursue it online. However, accelerated courses could demand work experience for you to enroll. Holding an MBA helps you to acquire leadership roles across the globe in various industries, as you are prepared to face intercultural and international settings.

Eligibility Criteria

To enroll into MBA in HR whether it is part time or full time, you have to complete Bachelor’s degree. In addition to this, you must also clear one of the common entrance tests like GRE or GMAT or CAT or anything that falls under this category. You must have a good score in your degree as well as the test. However, depending on the college you apply there might be requirements for recommendation letters, essays, etc. There are some universities and colleges that have their own exam to determine the eligibility of students into the course. Along with a strong academic background, you must be good in English.

What do you learn?

During the first few months of MBA in HR (MBA in Human Resource Management), you learn basics and all aspects of management, leadership, and related skills. Slowly the focus on Human Resources intensifies through the progressive modules. You learn all about the business environment, marketing, accounting, managerial finance, operations management, strategic management, etc.

The most important aspect of HR is cross-cultural management and human capital management, which is covered in depth. Under these subjects, you explore global labor economy; cross-border merger; appraisal of policies; various culture and approaches; global communication; etc. Business analysis, economics, accounting, organizational development, and marketing are taught in detail so that you have comprehensive knowledge of the business environment.

Practical Exposure

While you are well versed with the theory part of business environments and HR management techniques, MBA in HR (MBA in Human Resource Management) prepares you to practically feel what you have learnt through an internship program. Most colleges organize internship programs during summer or during the second year. You will be sent to reputed companies to practically apply your theoretical knowledge and work with the company for few weeks. During this time you not only learn practical application but also prepare projects on your own. On completion of the project and internship, you return to the college to finish your course. There is a huge scope of the prospective company hiring you at the end of your course.

Skills Developed from an MBA in HR Program

Pursuing MBA in HR (MBA in Human Resource Management) helps you gain adequate skills to face the real world of the corporate environment. You acquire high-level leadership skills; analytical and reasoning skills; administrative skills; and the right attitude to be a competitive human resource professional. You will be extremely good at problem-solving and have practical skills in writing, presentation, teamwork, and time management.

Career Opportunities

There is a vast range of opportunities for candidates who have completed MBA in Human Resources management. As an MBA graduate, you can work with various corporates, industries, MNCs, schools, and colleges. Some of the jobs in the field of HR include; HR generalist; staffing director; compensation manager; employment and placement manager; Director of HR training; Organizational development consultant, and various other roles. MBA graduates are paid high salary irrespective of the geographical locations they are.

Scope of Doing MBA in HR in India

India is a developing nation with several global companies and foreign collaborations. The country offers several opportunities for graduates of MBA in HR (MBA in Human Resource Management). Some of the top recruiters include ABC consultants; Adecco; Kelly Services; Randstad India; Tele-resources; and others. Leadership roles in HR are paid over 20 lakhs per annum. The roles are highly challenging with the huge scope of growth and International exposure.

Areas of Work for MBA in HR Graduate

Holding an MBA in HR (MBA in Human Resource Management) can actually give you the choice to choose from various career options in various industries. The HR functions in the  corporates can be classified as:

Administration: Administrative roles for HR professionals include catering, payroll, facilities, real estate, employee aesthetics and ergonomics, employee welfare, events, and more.

Employee Relations: Roles for HR in this category includes International relationships; socio-economic relations; industrial relations; and more.

Business Partnering: Often HR people are involved in major initiatives of the organizational shift, major functions of business functions like restructuring, acquisition, etc.

Compensation and Talent: Identifying potential employees through recruitment; strategy and delivery of compensation; employee retention, etc. are some of the HR’s responsibilities.

IT and L & D: Major roles of HR in IT platforms and learning and development include; various processes; delivery and system tools for employees; etc.


Holding an MBA in HR (MBA in Human Resource Management) could be a great breakthrough in your existing career or would help you explore various options both locally and internationally. Setting high goals and progressing in a career requires high skills and in-depth knowledge, which is achieved by an MBA in HR (MBA in Human Resource Management).

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